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COSTUME JEWELRY Suppliers Canada Welcome to the online home of Global Manzil! Here you will find all sorts of Thai silk scarves, wonderful gift items, and plenty of beautifully handcrafted COSTUME JEWELRY suppliers Canada has offer and were only a stone's throw from our warehouse on the mezzanine level at 7728 128th Street in Surrey, British Columbia.

Nothing brings a smile to to a female face quite like a pretty ring, a lovely necklace, or some sparking earrings. Real or fake, understated or to-the-moon wild, COSTUME JEWELRY suppliers Canada helps a woman build her individual look and style. A colourful beaded necklace, some shimmering bangles or a pair of crystal chandelier earrings could be just the thing to turn an ordinary outfit into something remarkable. The jewellery a woman wears can be very personal. A gift from a boyfriend or husband or a family heirloom may be just a bit too valuable to wear to a casual event. Global Manzil is delighted to offer a full catalogue of wonderful costume jewellery ideas. You're sure to find at least one thing in our catalogue that you can't live without.

If you are a man shopping for a woman or teenage girl, relax. While a lot of females are notoriously difficult to shop for, there's always something in the Global Manzil catalogue that is sure to please. Global Manzil Director, Sonia Nanda has been in the jewellery industry for more than fifteen years. She appreciates the clients and customers that Global Manzil has had the pleasure of servicing over the years. This appreciationm is reflected in the quality of COSTUME JEWELRY suppliers Canada, fair pricing the excellent level of customer service she and her staff provide. Headquartered in Surrey, British Columbia, Global Manzil currently has representatives throughout North America. Would you like to be one? Call 604.200.4483 for further details about being a Global Manzil sales rep. COSTUME JEWELRY Suppliers Canada
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