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Wholesale COSTUME Jewelry Canada What woman wouldn't want to wear wonderful wholesale COSTUME Jewelry Canada? Vancouver is a happening town, and plenty of stylish women live here. costume jewelry is always a tasteful fashion choice. Here at Global Manzil, you will find hundreds of lovely pendants, watches, earrings, bracelets and fabulous silken scarves from exotic Thailand.

Silver is a metal that looks good with almost everything. No matter what the contents of your closet look like, you're sure to find silver pieces that work wonderfully. Welcome to the online home of Global Manzil. Our Director, Sonia Nanda, brings more than a decade and a half of experience in the jewellery industry to the job. Sonia values and respects our clients and customers and says it's been a pleasure to serve all these years as Director of Global Manzil. Just see the quality of products she selects for the catalogue. Note the reasonable pricing and enjoy the excellent level of customer service that Sonia and her staff provide to buyers of silver jewellery Vancouver.

One benefit of wearing silver instead of gold is weight. Because it is considerably lighter than gold, silver is more comfortable to wear for long periods of time. Gold, in the form of earrings or necklaces, is known to contribute to neck and head pain, especially when pieces are exceptionally hefty. In addition to these benefits is the fact that silver jewellery Vancouver looks simply wonderful with practically anything hanging in your closet. Vancouver women who have more style than cash know that they can visit Global Manzil and come away with something quite wonderful. Vancouver is only a short distance from our warehouse on the mezzanine level of 7728 128th Street in Surrey, British Columbia. We offer certificates which are available in amounts from $1 to $1000. Order online or give us a call on 604.200.4483 Wholesale COSTUME Jewelry Canada
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